Continue Real Estate Professional Education

Continuing Real Estate Professional Education is a Must!

A promising next 5 years. Real estate industry here in the Philippines will still boom and sky-rocket. According to the Licensed Real estate Brokers, Appraisers and Especially Consultants from Calamba,Laguna Real Estate Board.

I was a pleasure meeting with the elite real estate consultants updating me on whats all going on with real estate as up to date.

It’s an honor to meet this intellectual and experienced licensed realtors.

Real Estate Lecturers

calamba_laguna real estate board

  • Anne V. Villareal

  • Hermenegildo D. Defiesta

  • Manuel C. Adiova

RE BROKER License No. 0002616, Accredited RE Lecturer No. 0088

RE BROKER License No. 0001500, Accredited RE Lecturer No. 0131

RE APPRAISER License No. 0005965, PRC Licensed CONSULTANT No. 105

Know the Estate of the Economy in the Real Estate Sector

  • Philippines real estate sector is exploding
  • Jones Lanag forecast : robust for the next five years
  • Peso at P50/$, P52/euro P61.58
  • Driven by OFWs
  • Loan Rate Ave 6%
  • Units that are being pre-sold generally appreciate in values as it nears completion
  • Philippine property appreciates at an average of 10% per year
  • Big population growth


Opportunities in real estate

Opportunities in the real estate industry

  • Project Selling – Industrial, Club Shares, Farm Lost, Memorial/Columbarium
  • General Brokerage – Rawland, Investment reselling
  • Leasing – commercial spaces, Air B & B
  • Foreclosed properties – Bank, Pag-IBIG
  • Real Estate Documentation – Title Transfer, Estate settlement, Tax declaration transfer

calamaba-laguna real estate board certificate